Trying to influence
What other people think of us
How other people see us
Perceive us
Receive us
Is another manifestation
Of approaching the work
Of allowing ourselves to transform
Into truth
From the outside in

We can cut or grow our hair

Change our clothing style
Meditate in perfect posture
Perfect yoga poses
Get or leave the job
Live in a Buddhist zendo
Etc etc
And those things may all help
At first
But ultimately
They are all still form
And the trip is to go beyond form
That is the transformation
And it is an inside job
As our inside transforms
Into infinite compassionate fiercely brave accepting allowing love and truth 
The external all cannot help but shift
Into alignment with it
And the need to manipulate the external
The world of form
And structure
Falls away
On its own
And there is nothing to do
But be


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