spring and dissolution

there is a story being told
the setting
time and place
as we are taught in elementary school
is the universe as we “know” it
in the eternal infinity that is the universe beyond the working of our human brain
for how can time
and space
be concrete
if we can see starlight
from millions of years ago
it is right here

we get confused
when we get lost in our minds
when we mistake our ego
for the whole of reality
the inside of our skull
for the whole field of being
we are not our bodies
we are not our thoughts
then what are we?
there is a space
of stillness
and silence
behind all those thoughts
that is capable
of witnessing thoughts
as they arise
and as they pass
it is there
in all of us
even if we can’t ever remember having experienced it
it is here
it was here before our personality developed in our brain
it will be here after our personality falls apart in our brain
it is here
experiencing all of this
with no judgement
and no attachment
just with unbearable compassion
because in the face of true compassion
the ego spell dissolves
the ego cannot bear to stand in the face of it
nothing can stand in the face of present love

that is who we are
present love
everything else is bullshit

when our prayer
stops being for more
and becomes
thank you
show me how to use
what is already
so abundantly given
we are free

is springing
here in SF
i am so grateful
the sun
is giving me solace
and rest
and renewal
the buzz of the insects
the song of birds
all growing louder
the din of creation
with life
is the medicine
for grief
the grief
the angel of Death
opens the doors of perception
to see the life
it is all the same
a beautiful dance
that no one gets out of alive
except everyone
and we are all
walking each other home

happy spring
of the earth
and of the dreams

let it all go
it all falls apart
it all comes back together again
let’s watch
and dance
and dream


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