simplicity is sacred

There is no where else but here
There is nothing else but now
And it is enough

Once it is enough
It is revealed
to be so much more
than we were ever told
and just as much
as our souls always knew

This is the medicine
to the wound
that says
i am not enough
i do not have enough
so i will seek outside of my self
and in the past
and in the future
which are just projections of the mind

just right here
we have everything we need
we always have
and when we play by the sacred rules
we always will

sacred rules are simple
what you do onto others
other people
other animals
other insects
other plants
the earth upon which we live sleep eat love
is done onto you

it is in the doing
that it is done

to desecrate the earth
or another being
desecrates the self
because its all the same thing
we are all connected
we share DNA with trees and whales and spiders and apes
we are literally family
that is not a metaphor

the sacred rules
that say be here
be free
but you cannot forbid anything else
from living
and being free
you can compete
but cannot stop others from competing
because then the limits are crossed
and the system breaks down
and we are part of the system of life
not separate from
not masters of
but children of it

we have fallen prey
to the delusion that we can break the limits
and before they catch up to us
we will escape
move out into space
off the planet
escaping the consequences of our behaviors
that arise out of our poisoned belief
that we are separate
and superior
from the rest of the din of creation

not only is there no foreseeable chance of this reality
but even if it were to
wherever you go
there you are
and if we show up on the next planet
with the same behaviors
stemming from the same beliefs
of seeing the universe as a collections of THINGS
instead of a community of LIFE
we will meet the same consequences

there is no where to go

and we have everything we need
right here
to live
in love
with families
and a prosperous
beautiful community of life
that is planet earth

and its not about running out
and dragging everyone over to the fire
and knocking them on their ass
and saying
“just sit down
by the fire
with your people
and look up at the stars
and breathe
and be grateful
and share in the love.”

its about sitting by the fire
with our people
and looking up at the stars
and breathing
and being grateful
and sharing in the love
with all
and any
that are here

just keep the fire alive
as the keepers of the light
have been doing
since the dawn of man
and the light of love
in humanity
will stay alive
and continue to be triumphant
because nothing
stands in the face of love
and is not transformed.



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