Ashes to ashes

Whether we believe the Christian stories as historically true
Or spiritually true
Observing Lent
Which begins today
Can be very complimentary to our own spiritual practices
We are going get ashes
On our forehead
Ashes to ashes
Dust to dust
Surrender and acceptance
Of our human mortality
Reminder and reawakening
To our spiritual immortality
Permission and allowance
For forgiveness and salvation
Who doesn’t need that?

Lent represents the forty days storied to have been spent by Yeshua,
Or Jesus as we may know him in these parts,
In the desert
Away from all distractions of the world of form
Left only with himself
The earth
And the universe
To reconcile his shadows
See through the delusions of fear and ego
To truth
And presence
He spent the forty days
And then began his work
His calling
Surrendered to his path
Allowed the currents of divinity to flow through him

Or abstaining
Is traditional practice in Lent
Gave up by me long ago
Before I remembered I could be Christian-among-other-things
But it is in preparation for Easter
The celebration of the resurrection of Christ
Which happens in our hearts if we let it
And stop waiting for a body to show up in robes
Forty days in the desert
Forty days of pulling away from worldly distractions
And facing myself
And the universe
And seeing beyond form
And attachment
And thought

We are observing Lent here
All the tribe is invited to participate
However largely
Or minutely
You are called to
What are the attachments
That make us comfortable
But we don’t need
And may be keeping us
From something bigger?
I am full fasting
Just water
And every day for the next 40 days
I will be fasting from at least one thing
That brings comfort
In preparation
Of my mind
And soul
For a death
And rebirth
And reawakening
There are many things we can choose to pull away from
That we often indulge in
Without wondering what it is covering up
Lets find out
By pulling away a bit

“If you want to be full
Let yourself be empty.”
Tao always knows

Processed food
Animal products
Cell phone

Anything else?
So many numbing options
Everywhere we look
So much encouragement
Is passive suicide
Make no mistake

Lets pull back from our numbing a bit
Our distractions
And get clear
About where we are
With fierce honesty
Unbearable compassion
And move forward
With clarity
And abundant love


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