Ramblings before rebuilding

Back in SF
After a surprise stopover in Chicago
Mysterious ways
It is raining
Washing my weary soul
My tired body
And tired heart
The space after the bomb goes off
And before the life resumes
That bright silent hazy stillness
Grey ash in the air
A pause
Everything is different
Cleared away
Start again
my brother’s body laid to rest
Many years ago
My minister told me joy and sorrow are twins
They go hand in hand
Or maybe
They are two expressions
Of the same thing
Deep love was shared
And love is never lost
All form changes
All form falls away
What a strange life
Go, to a place of amazing beauty
But hold on to nothing
Because it all falls away
But some things
Some hearts
Are too beautiful not to want to hold onto forever

life reminds

That we aren’t in charge
We don’t get to write the final plan
we get to be part of the story

And the love
Doesn’t need to be held on to
Because it is eternal
And present
Right here
I feel it right here
I long for a familiar old form
That I adored
A particular smile
A special certain light
The flatness of fingertips
The rosiness of cheeks
The sweetness of spirit
That I had taken myself away from for some time
We are blessed
When we get to share precious life with each other
Of all the people in all the world among all the stars of the universe
We got to share life together for a time
And more
We get to share love eternally
Because once love 
True love
Beyond form of romance or friendship or family
But love
That lights up the world
Once it is shared
It is forever shared
An infinite well from which we can always drink
And be nourished
And renewed


Amazed at the place from which I come
The heart we share
Heals the pain and soothes the grief
To my fallen brother
My risen brother
For tearing the veil away
And allowing us to see your truer form
And therefore our truer form
Embodied in LOVE

expressed by a community swelling together
To grieve
And celebrate
And heal
And love
And carry forth your unfolding legacy
In all we do


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