stop stopping

The tools you need

to meet the moment you are being presented with

will always be placed right in your hands

the moment you unclench them


The tools you do not need

or are not yet ready to wield

will always fall from your hands

no matter how tightly you hold on


Stop talking about the work


do the work


step back


Stop helping

be help


stop writing about the divine

write from it


stop trying to stop

just be a witness


stop judging your process

it traps you in it


what you resist


every time


be a witness

bring love

and compassion


pray for patience

with self

for the path is always walked

far less gracefully

than the unchecked ego would like to imagine

or expect

or desire

here and now


that does not mean it is not full of grace

o yes

if you get real quiet

and real still

and real simple

you can feel grace

carrying you

and me

all of us

to the sea


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