let go the shore

In the midst of chaos
can you find center
and stay there

When the din of creation
is booming
can you hear the silence
through which all the vibrations of sound
and travel?

True peace
is not shattered
by chaos

In true peace
there is a resting place
for the chaos

It is soft
and gentle
for the soft
overcomes the hard
and the gentle
overcomes the rigid
and the slow
overcomes the fast


there is a stream
that flows
to the sea
we are invited
to be carried
all we need to do
is let go
let go of the roots
and grasses
and earth
on the shores
and allow the waters
to carry us
we may begin to swim upstream
for we fear
what the currents may carry us into

when we cease such doing
and doing
and doing
and empty attempts to control
and simply turn over
and take a breath
we feel the cool loving hands
of sweet sweet water
our most precious treasure
sent to us from the stars
and we remember
what is there to worry about
and where else is there to be?

its all here
its all perfect
we need not carry a thing

life succeeds in teaching us to surrender
no matter what
no one gets out of this life
without learning it
even if it is only in the last breath
don’t matter one bit
surrender is surrender
and once the palms
the head
the heart
are open
Great Spirit
and we see
we were contained by it
and we contained it
all along

and we know peace
and we know love
and we know light

a humble, simple prayer
for compassion
for ourselves
as we will surely walk the path
far less gracefully
than we would like to imagine
from where we stand in this moment
and that is ok
and we are well
and we are doing just fine
and we are not
have never been
and could never be


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