May peace reign

We’ve come full circle again.
The harvest is over. It is time to gather ourselves. Rest. Reset. Renew. Begin again.
What seeds are we planting
and incubating?
What that no longer serves us are we releasing
letting go
and blessing on its way?

Thank you for your service,
I bless you on your way.

What are we calling forth?
What are we creating space for?
What are we inviting in
to our hearts
our heads
our homes?

How can we serve
with more clarity
and precision
and compassion
and love
and potency?

How can we walk in the fullness of our being
as full as we can?

The fire is still burning
keeping us warm
and lighting the darkness

We are the manifestation of the dreams of our ancestors
We are the channels through which our descendants dance
We sing ourselves
into creation

May peace reign
Rain down
May love reign
Rain down
May light reign
Rain down
From the stars


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