Love in the East Bay

Take a step back
A step deeper
Follow your breath
Into your body
And right into the seat of your soul

Be a compassionate witness
For your own unfolding
Watch as the thoughts rise in your mind
And watch as they fall
Allow them
End the war
We need not take up shield and sword
Against our own minds

Extend the olive branch
Thank your mind for its service
And allow it to serve your heart
Your oh so beautiful and perfect heart
The meeting place between heaven and earth
The centerpoint of the cross
The divine
The formless
And timeless
Entering vertically
Into the horizontal world of form
And time
And space

We are all on the cross
We are the meeting place

Fires rage
Sweet sweet destruction
Burning it all away
Clearing the way
Pointing upward
We share that destiny
Of looking starward

And waters run
It finds its way
Washes it all away
Clean and clear
Always deeper

I have been forged
in the hottest of fires
and baptized
in the coldest of waters
And here i stand
And full
So full
of love

There is no wound it cannot heal
No darkness it cannot illuminate

I surrender
With love
In love
To love
And am free


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