I sat on a hill top

above the winding creek

across from the rock caves

in the all but hidden Rock Cave Nature Preserve

in Altamont, IL.

The forest was silent

and bustling with tiny noises

leaves rustling in the wind

insects carrying on about their day

my breath


a tribe of children

followed by 3 adult men

and 2 adult women

came romping

and exploring

and climbing

exuberantly though the ravine below.

My heart grew happy.

The more we walk alone in the woods

The more we walk together in the woods

The more we walk with our children in the woods

The more we will know peace in our hearts

The more we will know peace on earth.


Returning to the Mother

upon which we live




and depend

A walk

to say WOW

to say THANK YOU

to say I LOVE YOU

to say I AM YOU.

So much life


It is all around us


In the air





the trees that stand tall

inhaling our breath

exhaling our breath

our invisible

and constant

oxygen mask

that allows us to be here.


in the flying


hiding things

of exquisite beauty

and other-worldly intricacy

seen only when we fall the walls that separate us

in illusion only of course

from our mother.


I have felt sorrow as of late

in being asked to look at the wounds of men

the wounds in my brothers

my fathers

my grandfathers

my sons

The wounds in me

Just as we all carry the wounds

and gifts

of our ancestors

I carry them

in the tiny scrolls

and spirals

contained in every fiber of my being.

I pray for our men.

I pray for us, men.

I see our unwellness everywhere I go.

I see our fears

Our fear that we are not enough

That we lack worth.

That we lack true power

Not the kind of power that oppresses others

and the earth

not the kind of power that takes from those that have not enough

and gives to those that have too much

that is a false power

that we turn to when we are wounded

and doubt the true power that lies within us

the power to transform the world

with the love that fathers children

and protects them

and guides them

the love that holds and carries our brothers when they cannot stand

the love that gives strength when our brothers are weak

the love that walks our fathers to the door of death

the love that uplifts the women

our women

we are their keepers

they are our keepers


Our grand


grand fathers

many thousands of years up the line

the line

the sons of Adam

the daughters of Eve

Yes, Mother

Yes, Father


Yes ape and fish and organism and cell and molecule and atom

Sons of ATOM

From ATOM we come

To ATOM we return


Somewhere up the line

Our fathers fell ill

Forgot their sacred nature 

and duty

Forgot our sacred nature

and duty

forgot to teach their sons


turned our backs on our Mother

and therefore her daugthers


Our women fell ill, too

and turned their backs against their Mother

against themselves


that is for the eyes of my sisters 

and mothers

and grandmothers

and daughters

and for their blessed mouths to speak on


We failed each other


I pray for my brothers

My fathers

My grandfathers

and my sons.

I pray that we may stand firm


that we may allow open and vulnerable hearts

yet fiercely protect the family

the wellspring of love

from the vulnerabilities that arise

when we forget our divinity

and our duty to one another

to those we call “ours”

to those who we belong

and at this point

we can finally see

I can finally see

that we all belong to each other

I belong to the trees and grasses and deers and bees

I belong to womankind

as their brother

I belong to mankind

as their son

And because of the work of my fathers before me

In healing what they could of the wounds

and keeping the fire alive of their gifts

I have the eyes to see

and the courage to speak

and remind us who we are.



Our weakness and softness feeds our strength and potency

Our fears feed our courage

Our love feeds the souls of humanity

Be firm

Have integrity

Love fiercely




Learn to receive

Chop wood

Carry water

Stand together

in the circle

with one another

May we remember

the brotherhood

to which we belong




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