Peace and Farewell New York City

I am just settling down for the night after a perfectly beautiful evening with friends, new and old, and family. An evening of music and laughter and dance and copal smoke swirls and candles and stained glass windows and rooftop honesty and hugs and resonance and teaching and learning and giving and receiving.

Tonight, I learned more about being vulnerable. Being honest. Things don’t need to be metaphor. Metaphor doesn’t need to be detached. Poetry is lived not recited.

Tonight I listened.

Tonight I remembered I was free and gave myself over.

Tonight I let my light shine.

Tonight I saw beauty in the eyes of all beings.

I leave New York City in the morning. I am so on-my-knees grateful for my time here. It was so enriching and so very challenging and I feel so prepared and ready for the unknown I am stepping into.

I am ready to go.

I learned what I came here to learn
at least this piece
for now

I gave what I came here to give

I received what I came here to receive

It feels like I won’t be back to this place for some time
I feel humbled
I feel sadness
and I feel the joy that sadness is

I have wonderful friends.
It is remarkable.
It never ceases to amaze me.
It makes me trust that I must be doing something right
to be blessed by the community that loves and cherishes me
to whom i belong

you belong

there is always a place for us
we are never alone
we never have been

Tomorrow, Long Island for the weekend.

Monday Hudson River Valley
Sit with Spirit
and Mother
and Grandmother

Then unknown

We don’t know
Where the journey go
Where the waters flow





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