“With One Voice”

I am watching this documentary on Netflix which i was totally skeptical of called “With One Voice” and it is resonating big time. Thoughts from the film:

“The intellectual will think of what could be a utopian society whereas the mystic knows that paradise is within, and that we can offer paradise, we can offer the nectar of paradise, we can offer the banquet table of love and we can all sit at that banquet table together.”

In matters spiritual, there are no parts, no numbers. In matters spiritual, there is no division, no individuals. Mohammed and the founders of all the great religions of the world have communicated the same universal message: appreciate the diversity of spiritual traditions while seeing their inherent unity.

All the fight on the planet. though it has been presented as good vs. evil, please look at it carefully. It is not about good and evil. it’s one man’s belief vs. an other man’s belief, thats all it is, religious or otherwise, but your belief vs. any body else’s belief is all the fight’s about, that’s all it is, whether is within the family or between two communities or between two whatever.

Don’t worship the tea kettle, drink the tea.

Hilel, a Jewish mystic that lived 70 years before the birth of Christ, was approached by a religious skeptic who challenged him to teach the entire Torah while standing on one foot. HIlel replied, “What is hateful to you, do not do onto others. The rest is merely commentary.”


The condition of the world mirrors the state of human consciousness. When we directly realize the interconnectedness of all life, hatred and all forms of aggression cease. Peace in the world is reality when individuals realize that we belong to one another. That there is but one human family. Peace does not come from political or external solutions. It is inner peace that leads to outer peace.

After 9/11, Diane Sawyer was interviewing a sister-in-law of bin laden, and Diane asked the sister-in-law, “Do you hate him? Do you hate him for what he has done?” And she responded, “I do not hate him. He hates, and look what that has done.”


I know that we want enlightened leaders, but I don’t think we can wait for enlightened leaders. I think we, as ordinary people, can take responsibility for finding where we are at war and be willing to stop that war and recognize the capacity for peace.

The most effective way is to deal with one person at a time. and that person will influence another person. and that person will influence another person. you keep influencing ten people in your life, and these ten will influence 100 people, and these 100 will influence 1000 people, like that, it will spread very gradually, naturally, but the deep real thing grows very slowly. it takes root. and roots must move deep down into the ground in order to make it very strong and powerful and effective.


the only way love works is by giving it

Too many to write more…brain is blown. So beautiful. If you have netflix and this resonates, please watch!


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