Tribe in New York, NY

It is strange to be back here.
I am not sure why I’m back.
I am okay with being unsure why.
I know it is where I am supposed to be.
I heard the call.
I hear it.
To be here.
I also hear the teachings the road has been teaching me.
Show up.
Say yes.
Feel gratitude.
Expect nothing.
Let go of results.
We are entitled to the work
Not the fruits.
I love fruit.
Trees do not eat their own fruit.
Unless it is dead
And the earth eats it up first.

I grew up here.
Everything changed here.
My heart broke here.
I fell in love here.
I was revived here.
I found God here.
I said goodbye here.

I am a visitor again
A newbie.
This is my first day.
Last time I was a newbie here
I was 18.
Almost a decade.
Life goes
It is good
It is so enough

I’m in
No matter what

Thank you.
I am here.
Right now.

New breath.
New eyes.
New vision.
New life.

I wonder what the tribe looks like

Here we go again…


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