Enough is enough

The illness of our people
Is the artificial belief
In “not enough.”
Either life is not offering us enough
And we are deprived
Unprepared and ill equipped to face the now
We ourselves are inherently not enough
And are unable to stand and face
And engage
And survive
The enormity of now
The richness life is surrounding us with.

This lie
Of not enough
Leads us to holding on so tight
Leads us to believing fear is real and love is nowhere
Leads us to taking way more than what is needed
Because what is offered doesn’t seem like enough
Which in turn deprives others.

If this is not enough
Wherever you are in the journey
If its not enough now
Nothing ever will be
We can cease to wait for enough to come
Our work is to open our eyes
To learn to see the enough
That is here
And when we do
We see “enough” doesn’t begin to describe
The gifts being offered
To us
Through us

The medicine for our illness
Is love
The love that loves beyond right or wrong
Good or bad
Just or unjust
The love that awakens
The love that
Even when we face our own impending death
“Yes. This is enough. I have all I need. I am all that is needed.”

This love
This trust
Opens our eyes
To what real needs are
And reminds us that the prisons we have built
And have inherited
In which we live in captivity?
The doors are open.
Always have been open.
Always will be open.
Doesn’t mean we need to leave the cells to be free
Means we need to know we can leave
Whenever we want
Whenever we need
to be free
Simply walk through the door
And it’s not a one way

True needs are met here
I have never seen a shortage of these things
So I must have enough
And therefore I am free
To share the abundance
In service
In love.

And our way has been paid
No one gets through the gates
To here
If their way hasn’t been paid.
We are enough
And our worth is inherent
The evidence being that here we stand
With breath to breathe
And to follow home
To right here
Right now
The world of form
The life of abundance
The kingdom of god
The garden of Eden

Enough is enough
Be here now
Be love now
Be free now


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