on a walk in the wood with a tribeswoman Stephanie

My ego is the servant of my heart

Bringing forth into the world of things

That which is spoken of in the ripplings of the waters that flow through the heart cave

My Hridayam

Our Hridayam.

Imagining myself as one with everything

Is not the same as experiencing the oneness that is everything.

Am I here?

Attendance time.


Am I using the eyes in my head

Or am I using the eyes in my ego?

Am I using the ears on my head

Or am I using the ears of my ego?

Is my ego playing captain of the ship?

Guardian of the vessel?

Or is it humbly carrying

In open hands

to the heart cave

the messages that the universe is offering

writing on the underbelly of every leaf

And within every cell

And on the wings of each butterfly?

Who’s running this ship?

This vessel?

This organic machine


And moving

And computing

And exchanging

And interacting

And co-creating

with the community of things

that makes up the universe.

As atoms are the parts that make us up

all of us


We, too

are the building blocks of the oneness of all things

that we call the universe

that we call God

that we call Tao

that we call nothing

as what name could the all of everything as one

possibly fit within?

Illusions dance before our eyes

and our egos are gullible

and childish

and impulsive

and forget to look behind the curtain

through the form

to the formless.

Illusions of form

that look






are real

and are illusions.

all made up of atoms


that are bound to one another

through the push

and pull

of energy

lets throw a word on it


and pretend 6 letters is the very everything of everything

and no longer trip on its miraculous



and holiness.

oh yes

make no mistake my child

my children

my brothers

my sisters

my mothers

my fathers

my ancestors

those that came before

those that are still here

those that always have been

we are holy




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