And another twist!

Well whaddayaknow?  Nothing is going according to plan! 🙂

Life is continually teaching us that plans simply lead to what is actually going to happen.  Sure, make them, but don’t attach too tightly because nothing is going to work out just perfectly according to them.

And amen for that.  Nothing in my journey has happened the way I thought it would, the way I thought it should, or the way I tried to make it.  And I wouldn’t change a thing.  I love this life.  It is beautiful and surprising and vibrant and rich and enormous…both the dark side and the light side of it, equally.

The plan this time was….

Leave Texas at the end of June, go straight home to New York, then home to Massachusetts, and bounce between those two places through the fall.  Serve my home communities, heal the wounds I can only heal there, reap the blessings abundant there, share what I brought back.

And now, it is the beginning of August, I have not been back to New York, and am writing from Colorado.

And, it’s all unfolding in this perfect and beautiful and exciting and melancholy way.

First of all, the Universe straight-armed me when I tried to go back to New York.  I was only stopping for meals, bowls, and sleep.  I was so excited.  And as I got closer and closer, it became more and more clear to me that I was not going to New York after all.  Not yet at least.  In fact, I drove right past it.  Saw the skyline again and it apparently still works it’s magic on my heart.  But it wasn’t time for me to go back there yet.

I was in Masschusetts for only a few weeks before I flew to Denver, CO, with my mother and father to meet my sister and spend a week together in Breckinridge.  Amazing trip filled with hiking and yurts and campfires and music and love, and I was excited to get back and begin building some Tribe of Dreams experiences in my homelands.

But on the last day of our trip, my cousin Sara, who is Skye’s sister, had to be admitted to the hospital.  She is pregnant with twins, at the 30 week mark, and started having some contractions and such.  It was all as low drama as something like that can be, and she is wonderful and well and still pregnant with healthy babies, but she was put on bedrest for the remainder of her pregnancy.  You may remember Sara from a piece I wrote about her and the amazing family she built with her husband Kelly last year.  (  And if you do, you remember she already has two beautiful children, both under 5 years old.  Kind of hard to take care of your 4 and 1 year old all day when you are on bedrest and your husband is bringing home the bread!

Activate village!

Kelly and Sara know how to ask for help, and they did.  And Skye and I knew that we were both uniquely blessed to be in the position to change our lives around fairly easily, and therefore we knew it was our duty to do so.  It was our duty, and it was our honor.

It is our honor.  Skye has been back in California for the summer and is now coming home to Colorado as soon as he can, which will be the beginning of the third week of August.

So I am here in Colorado Springs, CO until August 16th, when I will presumably fly back to MA and pick up where i left off (but alas, that, too, is just a plan!)

I am here to serve my family.

I am here to be present.

I am here to learn from children.

I am here to teach.

I am here to learn from parents.

I am here to heal.

I am here to bear witness.
I am here to practice.

I am here to grow.

I am here to be challenged.
I am here to be opened.

I am here to be used.

I am here to renew my commitment to family.

I am here to celebrate Life.

I am here to participate in Life.

I am here to love.

And mostly, I am Here because Life asked me to be.

I know my job description:

Show up.

Say yes.

And thank you.






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