Howdy from Utah!

Hello tribespeople!  Greetings from Le Varkin, UT!  Skye and I escaped San Francisco Monday night at 4PM.  I say escaped not because we didn’t love it there.  Two weeks ago, I had a dream in which we were trying to leave the city and things kept getting in our way, and things pretty much unfolded in exactly that fashion since.  Broken down vehicles, financial entrapments, dog bites…not to mention maybe the highest hurdle: our love for the people and city of San Francisco.  But Monday, early evening, after a weekend of music and community and potluck and laughter, we gathered in one last parking lot and bid it all adieu.  Tears in eyes, heart racing with excitement, we left for our next adventure.

You see, Skye and I have been practicing for this our whole lives.  When we were little kids, whenever our families got together, we would run away together to explore/discover/be free.  Sometimes that led to being life-flighted out of Lake Powell, UT, other times to muffin picnics in old abandoned tuberculous houses in the woods of Colorado.  And it seems to have been preparing us for this.

Each day since has felt like the first day of our lives.  

Each day since has been.

We are staying here in Le Varkin, UT, only about 20 minutes from the incredible Zion National Park, with my friend Charlotte and her partner John.  I met Charlotte at a Mexican restaurant here last year when I was in town.  I had planned to spend the night alone, eating and watching movies (aka, numbing myself to the gills), and when I was picking up my enchiladas the waitress and I saw each other with those eyes that had known one another for a long time.  Talk came easy.  This sweet woman was from the Ozarks with a girl-like air about her, took a turn as a concert pianist at Carnegie Hall in New York, and moved out to a little mobile home in a canyon outside of Zion.  

“Whatcha doin’ around eleven when I get outta here?  Wanna come over and lay on my roof and watch the stars?  My neighbor has a carousel on the property he made himself!”

A year later, she is now living with a man named John in less of a canyon and more of a neighborhood, still right here in the midst of the incredible landscape.  John is fascinating…a lighting designer/astronomer with a past in the heavy metal scene.  We got here yesterday and have already shared meals and stories and hikes, hell, we’ve already seen the craters on the moon, the rings of Saturn, and looked directly at the sun together.  


John has a telescope and it is BADASS.

After looking at this solar system, seeing how gigantic and incredible it is, I am renewed in my awe of Life.  It is a profound miracle.  I do not believe we can ever KNOW the magnitude of it, the mystery beneath it all, in this human experience.  And I don’t think it actually matters.  It is a miracle we are Here.  Now.  We get this opportunity.  

With gratitude





2 thoughts on “Howdy from Utah!

  1. What a perfect story. What a gift! You bring out the love in so many people! I will always be grateful to know you, Greg! Such a good friend you are. Xo

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