Scarcity is an untruth, abundance is True Truth

As of late, Skye and I have been exploring what freedom means, and especially how freedom applies to our capitalist, consumer-based culture. And we have come to the conclusion that we have been captives of the belief that money is a necessity for survival. This belief has led us to compromise our values and to ignore and neglect the calling of our spirits…we haven’t had the time or energy or courage to answer our souls’ callings in the fullest way possible because we have been trying to make money instead.
Freedom is being part of a system as a conscious decision and not because we are afraid we’ll die if we are not.
Freedom is knowing captivity is a choice.
Freedom is not owing anybody anything, but instead giving with no expectation of return and receiving all that is offered freely.
Freedom is trusting and knowing that when we share all we have as generously as we can, we are provided all we need.
Freedom is knowing money is a tool, not a necessity, and if it comes to us as a result of serving our calling and serving the world, we can use it to further that service, but our service and calling and wellness is not dependent upon money.
Freedom is knowing that if money does not come to us as a result of our service, then it is not the tool we most need to do our work.

As a result of these explorations, we are deepening our understanding of the Tribe of Dreams itself, and our work through it. Living these principles means accepting that we may lose the van, which has served as both transportation and shelter, and trusting that if that is what must happen, we will be okay. We have always had enough air to breathe, water to drink, and food to eat, why fear that would cease as we deepen our commitment to serving the community of Life?

I fear not
If I have no house
If I have no vehicle
No money
No shoes
I fear not
For houses
And vehicles
And money
And even shoes
Are not necessities
But tools
And God has placed miraculous gifts
Within each of us
And has furnished us each with the sufficient and exact tools needed to deliver these gifts onto the world.

And within me
The Divine has placed
The gifts of vision
And healing
And in my hands
Tools of music
And words
And an able body
Through which to use the gifts
To serve the community of Life

When I give of my gifts
As generously as possible
When I share everything I have
I am nourished
I am provided for
I am protected
Until the moment my death is ordained
And death
Sweet death
Is simply the transformation
Into a Being
In which we no longer need breath
For we become Breath
In which we no longer need Life in our earthly body
For we become Life

We have always been Here
We will always Be Here

I welcome into my hands
All tools offered
And provided
For I trust Spirit
And I know
Any tool that I truly need
Not simply want or think I need
Will be placed in my hands
And any tool placed in my hands
I am ready and prepared to wield
And use
To be of service
Which is my destiny
To serve the community of Life
My fellow humankind
My brethren of plant
And animal
My mother, Earth
And beyond
Into the stars
I know that any tool I am not prepared to use
Not ready to use
Or do not need in order to deliver these gifts of which I am a steward and a vessel for
Will fall from my hands
For holding unusable tools
Becomes a hindrance
To being of service
And blocks the proper tools
From being placed within my open hands

Scarcity is an untruth
Abundance is truth

Fear is illusion
Love is real
Love is all-powerful
Love is eternal, ever-Present, and ever-sustaining


2 thoughts on “Scarcity is an untruth, abundance is True Truth

  1. There are a couple mission statements in my life. Actually, probably about a million

    I declare that everyone who comes into contact with who I am is blessed with abundance generated by their inherent personal talents. Practices to complete this look like awareness of your talents, accepting acknowledgement, PLAYFULNESS, and fearless contribution in society.

    I acknowledge that the civic realm, that community based realm where people have rights that live in reality, everywhere in total integrity, still underlies our economy, no matter how tied up and muddled it’s got with all this mess of false scarcity, dollar signs on dwellings and made up wages. I declare that I am restoring the body of civic contribution. It is the foundation of abundance.


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