We are enormous.
We are minuscule.
We are important.
We are irrelevant.
We are Here.
We are Beings.
We are souls
Collections of energy
With the gift of consciousness
Awareness of Self
Residing within temporal and beautiful animal bodies
We are formlessness
Residing within form
Awakening to the Truth
That we are God.
Not that we are above God.
Not that we are below God.
We are each God made flesh
All form
All Life
Is God made flesh
And we get the blessing to Be conscious of it!
With amazing powers
Of creation
And therefore destruction
Of healing
And therefore harming
And of Love.
It is the evidence of our divinity.
When someone loves us and cares for us
When an animal
Or plant
Or planet
Loves and cares for us
Nurtures us
We are being Loved and cared for and nurtured by God
In God’s countless forms.
When we forget this Truth
When we are under the spell that denies our divine origins and our birthright
Under the spell that says we are just form and its not enough
We grasp tighter and tighter onto form
And onto power
And we hoard form greedily
Afraid we don’t have enough
Sure of it
And desperately trying to prove our lives have meaning and importance and significance.
We fight to prove it
Wage war
Build higher, build taller
Devastate the Earth
Disempower our brothers and sisters
All in an effort to show everyone
Show God
Show ourselves
“We are here! We are important! We have power! We have meaning!”

And yet,

We ARE Here.
We ARE powerful.
We ARE important.
And we need not DO anything to prove it.

What is God’s purpose?
God’s meaning?
God’s significance?

It is all that is real, all that is important, it is divine
And it is enough.
It is enough
To simpy Be Here Now, together.
In peace
In Love
Together with all of Creation
For every piece of Creation is God’s flesh.
There is nowhere to go
Nothing to progress to
Nothing to race towards
Here. And it is enough.
The slow, perfect, beautiful natural unfolding of the evolving Universe
Is enough.
We are enough.
We are perfect.
Everything is perfect.



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