Stranger Danger

Last night, I asked Skye if he would like to join me for a walk. I have found that a walk beneath the stars before bed, often with cup of tea in hand, is profoundly soothing, plus Skye and I have had innumerable important thoughts, ideas, and conversations at night under the stars. He was hesitant, as he had been told many times that his neighborhood was a ‘bad’ one and it’d be best to stay indoors after dark, so he graciously declined. But when I went to leave, be shrugged, grabbed his coat, and we hit the sidewalks.
The stars were beautiful and the waning yet still enormous moon shone bright. The cool air invigorated us and we were once again reminded that we are alive. And as usual, our conversation was fruitful and important, exploring the depths of what compassion means (this was Kwan Yin’s moon, the Buddhist goddess of compassion) and what true freedom is, examining the chains of captivity we were born into.
When we returned home, the conversation was taking a turn but Skye paused.
“I’d like to acknowledge a big healing that just took place. I have been afraid to leave this house for over a year. I love walking, I love looking up at the stars, but I’ve been sitting here instead, not looking at them except through the window.”
What are we so afraid of? The packs of people roving the streets looking to murder and rape and rob us are, for the most part, illusions of fear in our mind. Yes, atrocious crimes happen. We are a sick society in many ways and some of our sisters and brothers are doing some very harmful things. But people LOVE people. Human Beings LOVE human Beings. We Love to laugh together and dance together and make music together and hug one another and tell one another stories and help one another. We allow this lie to be perpetuated in our minds that tells us to fear one another. Hide from one another. Avoid one another.
Locking myself away from the world for some imagined idea of “safety” is not enough for me. What is the point of Being safe if we are disconnected from Life?
That is not to say that danger does not exist, that would be naïveté and foolish. It does. And we were given intuition and alertness and awareness for that reason. We can trust that to protect us. And the further point is, can I trust that whatever happens in my Life is meant to happen and is purposeful? Can i trust that I have enough to meet whatever circumstance Life faces me with, no matter how beautiful or ugly? Can I trust my ability to Love through anything?
Worst case scenario: I get robbed? “I don’t carry money on me, especially at night my brother or sister, but you are welcome to any of the clothes on my back. It is clear you need it more than me, so please take it. May they clothe you well.” I get assaulted, hurt, brutalized? I trust that, as I have seen the resilience of my human brothers and sisters who have been dismembered and burned and brought almost to physical, emotional, and mental ruin, I am capable of walking that path of recovery, if that is the path that Life deems I need most. I get killed? I trust that if and when my death is more powerful than my Life, I will be released from this human form and the Great Mystery of what lies after death will be revealed to me.
I do not want to be robbed.
I do not want to be harmed.
I do not want to die yet, especially at the hands of violence.
I also do not wish to pretend I am in control of anything outside of listening to my intuition, trusting the Divine, and Loving as expansively as possible.
I do not wish to live in fear of my fellow humans, Being.
And I do not need to. It is a choice.
I choose to be part of Life.
I choose to walk through Life, sometimes at night, and look forward to any friends I meet along the way.
I choose to trust the Love in my heart to move mountains, at least the mountains that need moving.
I choose to know that we’re all going to wind up on a deathbed sooner or later, and I choose to live in the freedom of Love instead of the prison of Fear while I am blessed with the opportunity to Live.
I choose Life.
I choose Love.
I choose Here.
I choose Now.


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